Package selection outside of a pre-approved package

Other Design Company (pre-approval process plus $200 fee required)

  • Work with an Interior Design company to help determine your furnishings
  • Download furniture specifications
  • Follow the link to go through the steps to submit your complete furniture along with the $200 processing payment
  • Once RWRS receives your final submitted for approval, we will review and let you know if this meets all of the minimum requirements or if there is additional information required. Please allow five business days.
  • Once your package has been pre-approved, you will receive a confirmation letter
  • Contact RWRS to schedule a final walkthrough once furnishing of your home is complete. The intention of this walkthrough is to confirm that the furniture inside of the home matches the specifications submitted in the furniture package.
  • Once your final walkthrough is complete and it is approved, your home will be ready to enter into the rental program with your approved rental management company. You will then receive a final approval letter.
  • RWRS will contact you to schedule an annual walkthrough of your home to ensure that the furnishings are still meet the Encore Resort Homes standards.

*Please email questions related to the furniture approval process to
*RWRS does not have any responsibility for the actual furniture within your home.

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