Encore Resort Furniture Process

Encore Resort has established minimum standards for home furnishings. These standards have been established in order to maintain the quality and integrity of the homes within the community. If you are planning to enter into a rental agreement with one of the approved rental management companies, you will need to gain pre-approval for your furniture package.

The process for selecting furniture is as follows:


Step 1

Choose pre-approved package or outside design company

Learn about your options – click here


Step 2

Download furniture specifications

Click here to download furniture specifications


Step 3

Work with your designer to complete package submittal

*Please do not submit partially completed package
Click here to complete package submittal


Step 4

Submit payment

(There is a processing fee for review and approval of furniture)


Step 5

Receive confirmation of receipt

We will review your submittal within 5 to 7 business days and contact you either:

If your package is approved


If your package does not meet minimum standards. In this case, our professional furniture reviewer will provide you with guidance on which items require adjustments.

Once your package has been pre-approved and your home has been furnished, RWRS will work with your approved rental management company to perform the final walkthrough. The intention of this walkthrough is to confirm that the furniture inside of the home matches the package submitted.

RWRS will do an annual inspection walkthrough of each home to verify the quality of furniture within the homes and produce a report.  If recommendations are made to replace or enhance furniture at that point, the homeowner will have 30 days to rectify this or be placed on a rental hold.

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