What is Reunion West Rental Services (RWRS)?


RWRS is a professional service company that provides many of the day-to-day operations for you and your guests whenever you stay in your new home.


What are the services that RWRS provides?


Services include front desk check-in and check-out, full concierge services, bellman services, shuttle transportation within The Encore Club resort property, and provides the approvals for your new home furniture packages if you are planning on placing your home with one of the approved Rental Management companies.


Why does the furniture that I am putting in my new home need to be approved?


In order to enter into the rental program, it is required that your home furnishings meet a minimum standard. This ensures that Encore Resort Homes maintains a consistent level of high prestige.


Am I able to choose any furniture company/vendor?


Yes. In the event you wish to utilize the service of a vendor not on the approved list, a $200 furniture application and review fee will be requested prior to RWRS reviewing the furniture package.


Why is there a $200 furniture application fee?


This fee will allow RWRS to have a professional furniture design consultant review the proposed furniture and housewares packages.


Once I have made my furniture selections how do I get them approved?


When you have all of your furniture selections you may go to and input your details for RWRS to pre-approve your furniture package. Please understand that this is just the preliminary approval and there will be a final walkthrough of your home once all furniture is in place to gain final approval for the rental program specifications.


Where can I find out more information regarding furniture package approvals?


You can go to or send an email to Tammy Ericson at


Why is there a front desk check-in and check-out?


By checking in with RWRS at the front desk located in the clubhouse, your guests are able to obtain their registration card which will allow them to enjoy all the benefits of your Encore Club membership, such as the Aqua Park, restaurant’s and bar.


What services does the concierge team provide?


Our team provides assistance with the following services: restaurant reservations, shuttle service to the major theme parks (complimentary), taxi and car service, attraction tickets (sell Disney, Sea World, and Universal on site), resort activity bookings, in home chef/catering services, car detailing services, in home equipment rental (grills, cribs, strollers), in home massage and spa services, golf, and grocery delivery.


What services do the bellmen provide?


Bellman provide luggage assistance, luggage storage, and shuttle service within the Encore Club resort property.

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